Saptarishi Astrology interviews Sh. K N Rao for Lord Rama and Krishna’s horoscopes

In Sunil’s own words —
“This was the 3rd attempt and finally successful, tears in our eyes since Shri Rams horoscope is the first horoscope taught to a student when he learns astrology.

But it is no longer taught, nor do we have a competent authority commenting on Shri Rams Horoscope till now. So for the first time, since 1980s Shri K N Rao talks on Shri Rams horoscope, the controversies regarding his chart.

He reveals such subtle points that even one in astrology since 20 years will take a huge time to grasp it if he does.. So so proud, 3rd visit to Delhi for this reason and finally it happens.

Its like a life time achievement award getting Shri Rao to discuss on Shri Rams horoscope and then Lord Krishnas horoscope.”

5 Video Playlist. Plz click on top-left side of video to reveal the list of videos.

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  1. Can u share it on facebook


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  2. Dear Sunil,

    This a nice disposition by KNR, for whom I have highest regards. I had only one doubt about Sun being in the 9th bhava for Lord Rama. The shloka talks time of birth of Lord Rama as “Prodymaane” meaning at Abhijit Muhurta which will mean that Sun shall be in the 10th house. Lord Rama’s birth is also celebrated at 12 noon from time immemorial which again points to Abhijit Muhurta being the time of his birth. I can understand the logic of Navami and Moon being in Punarvasu nakshatra given by KNR, but if I remember my Surya samhita well, it talks of movement of the nakshatras too. So is that the key in this conundrum? May be some learned in science of astronomy can throw some light on it.



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