Saptarishis Astrology: Birth Time Rectification Reading Via Nadi Astrology

Birth Time Rectification Reading Via Nadi Astrology 

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Rectify your birth time by Saptarishis Astrology Panel. Apart from traditional methods of birth time rectification, they would be using Bhrighu astrology and Nadi Astrology methods to rectify your birth time to the minute

This will be not a theoretical mathematical rectification as shown in books but Event Based rectification right up-to your Shastiamsa (D60 chart which changes every 1.30 to 2 min)

Session Time: 20 mins to 30 mins


1) Do the payment for the reading

2) Confirmation mail of your order is recd in your email id.

3) Send email to with a cc to quoting in subject line your order no for eg “Order No 2015-5019 Birth Time Rectification of Ms Julie Patterson/Mr Rakesh Tiwari.

4) Mention in the email all your birth details [Day Month – Jan Feb etc Year, birth time in 24 hour format, city of birth, state of birth and country of Birth ] including source of birth time information.

5) Mention 3 to 5 events of life and additionally 3 to 5 events along with month year of event.

6) Mention your Skype id if you have one in the email

7) After your email is sent, you would be given a appointed date and time for a Skype video conference call. The date given can be changed twice by you in case you miss it or you can give us an appointed date time which we would confirm. When the panelist has worked on your birth time he would mail you few questions to double check few events or ask for further events for a particular year.

This video conferencing is specially made so that Westerners can do video conferencing at their day time.

8) In the video conferencing you would be explained some nadi methods by which your birth time was rectified.

9) Your reading video recording will be sent to you and you can download/access this video in the future also.

10) In case you do not have the facility to be online a video recording will be made and sent to you.

11) If you do not have the bandwidth for the above then an audio recording of the same will be sent to you in English.

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