Editorial 3 – Saptarishis Astrology Magazine: A C.S.Patel Issue

II Gururbrahmaa Gururvishnu Gururdevo Maheshvarah II 

II GururSakshaat Parambrahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah II

A C.S.Patel Issue

Vol 3 – Publitorial

‘To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before’ is our motto. We borrow it from the legendary series of Star Trek by the visionary Gene Roddenberry. It would be another step in this direction as we dedicate this issue by calling it ‘The C.S.Patel Issue’ who for the first time in the world culled out & presented principles of Nadi astrology in the true sense.

The Elusive Technique

Part 1 – The Divisional Sage of Varanasi

While growing up we often hear grandpas saying ‘Beta Jyotish too Sanyasiyo ka Vidya hain’ which means in our context means ‘The Real Secrets of Astrology is known by the renunciates only’. Some of us can debate about it for life but it is only when you form a habit of meeting true and honest sanyasis (monks) then by the fag end of your life you realize, what these guys know about astrology is so much that the astrology as practiced in cities is a joke & we have wasted our lives. Long back we knew this and when we went to Varanasi we met Ravindra Varma ji along with JamnaLal ji, sitting at their shop we asked him who is the rarest of the astrologers in Varanasi who has real knowledge and that which has been tested. He said beta (son) there are many here and even after spending lifetimes in Varanasi one cannot find the best, but there is this one man whom we have tested about who is a Sanyasi and everyday he walks by this road to the Ghat to take bath in Ganga. They were asked his name but inspite of many efforts they could not remember it except said we should go to a Cinema and behind it there is a gas station (petrol pump) and behind that there is a road on which one would find him. Then we embarked on this adventure of finding that cinema which was easy, then the gas station, and then we saw there is no lane adjoining it but the whole of Banaras City is there. Disappointed but still we continued and came to an Ashram, opposite of which there was a man who said that in this Ashram there is a sanyasi who helped his daughter to get a child as she was unable to have one by telling her a remedy to be done on Krishna Janmastami, he was asked if this Sanyasi knows astrology he said he is not sure. Then we probed further he said there is another Sanyasi who is further ahead and many foreigners come and learn from him staying with him for 8-9 yrs. Our ears picked that up, as in India there are two kinds of foreigners one who are cheated by going to charlatans and the other who are very smart and find the right man, so if this Sanyasi has a followership of foreigners then he could be the one that Jamnalalji must have spoken about. We travelled further, found his small 1 block brick made Ashram and his name was Agnihotari Maharajj. He was not at home, what bad luck. Next day our guide ditched us and on the rickshaws of Banaras we travelled again to this ashram at 7.45 pm scared if we would be robbed in the city of thugs as the lanes nearing his house were too narrow with just no lights. Rang the bell and there opened the door a tall man, fair, round faced with hair knotted on top like the olden days Namboodiri Brahmin of Kerela. He was dressed in white robes something only renunciates do. He was not welcoming and we thought what our bad luck. Told him about Saptarishis Astrology Magazine and our intention of removing rare astrologers out in the open. He asked who all were writing for the mag and we dished out names, he was assessing us we knew. Then slowly he started talking saying that his name was Dr. Agnihotari and he is just a Brahmachari (renunciate) with students living with him. He said in olden days Rahu Ketu (nodes) was not used much giving reference of him having seen some manuscripts of Vashista Samhita where he could not find mention of nodes at all. Then he quoted a verse from Parasara which is a googly to all astrologers, he explained the secret behind it but we were unable to grasp.

Then he said ‘Beta, Navamsa bahut mahatvapurna hain’ – ‘Son, Navamsa (9th harmonic) is very important’. We replied yes it is, then he said he gives UTMOST importance to Navamsa, we replied yes most Indian astrologers do. He said No he gives most importance to it, we said yes, he repeated it again. Now was the turning point in the conversation as we were only thinking that he being a Sanyasi is telling what all astrologers in India repeat so nothing new. So we asked him the toughest question ‘Sir, how does one use Navamsa’. He said ‘Just use it’. But Sir, how exactly to use it, he said just use it as ‘The Only Chart’. We said which means when we see D9 (Navamsa) use it containing 12 different houses and the significations the same as the Rasi Chart (D1-1st harmonic). He said Yes Son. Now the readers be cautioned that this is not followed in India and often astrologers spend lifetimes arguing about it without following the Nike Advice of ‘]ust Do It’. We said to him but Sir we have already experimented with this method since last 2 yrs without having confidence in it, he said do you want to know how many decades I have used it with successful predictions. We said you might be right Sir as there is an astrologer from a village in Maharashtra near Belgaon/ Hubli area & uses ‘Only The Navamsa Chart’ as per his family tradition of last 14 generations: this astrologer by the name Sri Vataveji is quite well known to a few senior astrologers in Delhi, Mumbai & Pune. We tried it as per suggestion of our mentor and found amazing success but also failure in certain areas especially when it comes to deciding the right Navamsa Ascendant with 100% certainty. The Sanyasi replied Why should you be unsure, can’t you see the face of the man standing in front of you who has come for consultation. We replied, Sir it is not so easy to do so as we are not that experienced. He said use it 100s of times then we would get mastery. Still the city intellectual attitude of speaking so freely in front of a Sanyasi was within us and our experience had shown us that just using the Navamsa ignoring the Rasi Chart does work in practice but at times fails miserably.

So we argued further with the Sanyasi saying that what happens when the Navamsa chart does not work, he said it works always. We said no it does not, he said yes it does, this went on and on and we felt ohh now he is going to kick us out. Then he said if so then ‘Use Only The Dwadasamsha’ (12th harmonic -D12), we just fell at his feet with love and said ‘Sir, we have used that too and it works like butter, we had even showed it to our mentor in the form of an article. But then Sir, what is the basis of all these divisional charts, scholars spend life times either saying not to use it here in India and other scholars say use it but not to forget the D1 (Rasi) Chart. He said how can you intellectuals be so foolish (raised his voice), the Ascendant in D1 stays there for 2-2.5 hrs, will all those born in that period have the same fate. He added the worst is using Chandra Kundali (keeping moon as ascendant) practice of Indian astrologers, how can you use it knowing that for 2 days the moon is not going to change signs, so will all those who are born in 2 days have the same fate. (We realize this is very controversial though logical statement from him, as the whole of India uses Moon Ascendant created horoscope along with the main horoscope). He said lets be rational and not go by herd mentality, if all your techniques followed over centuries were correct you all would never have failed in a single prediction. He said use logic and rationality, atleast start with the Navamsa horoscope only, the ascendant of which changes roughly every 13 minutes. Atleast, only few people will be born in that window.

He said he is getting late and has to go out and he would accompany us to the road. While walking together we ensured that he is 1 step ahead of u’s (mark of respect) we asked him to write for the magazine, he said he will think on it as earlier when he wrote then lot of people come to him for consultation and then he does not get time to do meditation. We agreed with him hoping that he would write and then asked him ‘The Tricky Question’. Sir, we know still many come to you for consultation, so how much do you charge for your readings. His reply did not even take a second; he said ‘The consulter has come ‘Only’ to take something from me (help for problem in life) so how can I take from him anything. He has come to take and not give. So I am supposed to give & not take.’ Note down this part on Dwadasamsha & link it with Part 2.

Part 2 – Jain Yogi & Chandrakala Nadi  Progression

There is a secret method in the ancient work Chandra Kala Nadi in which as per instructions of mentor we took that project and decoded it. When we shared it with Norah Nasturs of this magazine 2 yrs back she said ohh it it is Profections. She being Spanish and there being communication gap between us we replied to this genius of an astrologer that no it is not Progressions like the westerners do it (though we still do not know much of progressions). We foolishly ignored her for 2 yrs until in last issue she created that article on US Elections, this technique was from an astrologer in the 16th century in France. Still we had to keep quiet in our publitorials as we wanted to write it in the Vol 3 being C S Patel Memorial Issue. This same method we shared it with our Guru Bhai (students of same guru) Shri Bhadoriya when we visited Ahmadabad. He ignored it for a year until this year when we visited him again and told him about Agnihotri Maharaj and Dwadasamsha Story, he then said ‘Ohh here in Ahmadabad there is Pramod Bhavasar whose guru was Nanubhai who during Britisher’s regime, threw a bomb and had to flee. He fled to Pondicherry Ashram where he met a Jain Muni and A Yogi who taught him only to use Dwadasamsha’. We knew this was gold mine and asked him first ‘Is Mr. Bhavasar a good human being’. He said yes he is humble and non-egoistic, instantly we said we got to meet him anyhow. During the whole day we could not get to contact him due to some reason or the other. Then we did mental horary around 7 pm and got him on phone and he was willing to meet us. Here in a dark lane of old Ahmadabad he stayed in a old house which had very steep 3 stories within the house which looked impoverished but when we met Mr. Bhavasar he was quiet, non voice raising, senses in control, no ego – all marks of a astrologer as described by our ancients in our books, but most importantly he had the mark of Blessings from the Rishis, which is he taught us the whole method instantly without any hang-ups or Chapal Gisayin as it is called in Mumbai slang. He like us does not use dasa to time events. This method resembled our Chandrakala Nadi Progression method except it was called Padma Chakra and he embedded Dwadasamsha in it which we were not doing. Another deviation from our method is he uses 360 days for a year whereas we use 365 days for a year method. Though we find ours more suitable but can we be foolish to ignore his method which his guru learnt from a yogi. As we walked out, we asked Bhadoriya is he  now convinced of the method he said yes, then why didn’t he test it one year back, he laughingly replied ‘If you had a white beard or was famous then I would not have taken your words lightly ha ha’.

Lastly, as it is seen on net forums we spend lifetimes arguing if divisional charts have aspects or not or if we can use it independently or not, but the best way is ‘The Nike Way’ which is ‘Just Do It’ and see. As there are some old timers like Mr. H.A.Bhatt from Ahmadabad, a yogi looking old man who walks only barefoot, also a student of C.S.Patel who uses only Prati Navamsa to predict and was the only man who predicted to Mr. Patel that he would go to America 2 years before the event. Patel had then replied ‘Aree Baba (slang) I am 80 past who will take me to America’. Patel was wrong whereas his student’s conviction in Prati Navamsa was bang on as history tells us. So if you like it use it or throw it but don’t waste your energy on fighting as Patel would often lovingly tell us.

C. S. Patel Memorial Issue

This issue is dedicated in the memory of the ‘Last of the Mohicans of Astrology’. He died exactly a year back on 14th of Aug 2007 at the age of 92 and was probably one of the only Indian Astrologer to have received the Life Time Achievement Award in America from ACVA. We once asked him what was the secret behind his legendary success; he said ‘Honesty and Earnest Desire to give out knowledge to everyone & always writing on those topics which no one has ever written before’. There is not a reader of Indian Astrology books (in English) who has not read his books and marveled at the brilliance of this man. By looks he resembled Gandhi, bent at the shoulder, thin, cute, wearing a loin cloth like Gandhi and like Gandhi would refuse to tell a lie always repeating that if one does not tell a lie then his predictive powers increase, if one does not gossip and malice others then his predictive powers will increase manifold. He never had time to talk anything else, the moment you entered his door, he would not ask you how you are, the first thing he would say come sit and hear this new method I am experimenting with, always sharing and sharing. A pity today’s generation could not learn this trait from him of sharing even though we youngsters like to deride the older generation of being non-modern, non-sharing and non-open minded.

When we met him we saw an old man of nearly 88 years of age (average Indian longevity is around 65) living a lonely life and not in the best of conditions. Our heart went to him. He came from a small village but had gained quite a name for his original work in Nadi, Arudhas & Ashtakvarga. He often tease us ‘I wrote my first book (1957) before you were born and then he would do an Indian hi-fi, it was so cute & yo. He was discipline personified, would start preparing his suitcase 2 days in advance for a journey & ticking the list of items from his 7 days old prepared list. When he was going to America at the Forex counter after the transaction he had to return Rs 1 ($0.02), which the forex counter asst said not to worry about it but inspite of being 83 yrs he walked 20 minutes along with his neighbor Mr. Hemant to return that Rs 1 arguing that we can’t keep even someone’s change. Unfortunately though he was very famous and at one time rich, no one from the astrological community came for help in his later years of his life where he would have welcomed any support. It was like injustice to this great sage who had given generations of astrologers pearls of knowledge they could never have laid hands on since Patel possessed many rare texts, he had indirectly fed the households of 1000s of astrologers in India through his techniques. Speaking of injustice, we are reminded of his Ashtakvarga book published in 1957 by him & Iyer which was plagiarized by an author into Sanskrit language & who got Presidents Award of Rs 100,000/-($2300 decades back). When Patel learnt this, tears rolled down his eyes. Everyone in the astrological community knew this but not a single organization came for ward to support his cause. Incidentally it is years later those heads of organizations who did not come for ward themselves became targets of plagiarisms against their own work – thus the hands of karma delivers. In 90s his books on Nadi Astrology was translated in Gujurati Language by a student of his by his permission, Patel never got money for it & later Patel’s name as author was removed & the student put his name instead, when we asked him why he did not protest, he said God’s will.

What we write below has given us sleepless nights pondering over the decision whether to write it or not, whether to be the goody goody publisher or stand for the truth and for an old man whom we saw suffer literally every day for years. Finally we decided it’s better to go against publishing norms and so called etiquettes but at least voice it even though all publishers of magazines till date have not done so, in spite of knowing the full story. So here it goes, one day while sitting at C S Patel’s feet we asked him ‘You have written so many path breaking books but how come you never wrote on horary (prashna) astrology’ & how come from late 1950s to mid 1990s he did not publish anything (he was often accused of not revealing his whole knowledge). He gazed for long time at us, maybe thinking if we already knew the reason and if we were testing him. He then asked us to get the copy of one of his classic books published in 1950s which made a reference to one of his forthcoming publication on horary (prashna) but was not published until the time we met. On inquiring about the reason for not publication we learnt that one of the astrologer-cum-publisher had actually stopped him from publishing the book for his own selfish gains, and that Patel saheb as a modest person who had high regard for any person always became the victim of the selfish motives of the people who approached him. We knew in olden days only one or two publishing houses were there so if one is victim of publishing politics then one can’t do much. We were speechless when we learnt the height of his modesty when instead of complaining or fighting for his right, he chose to say “God did not want me to bring out the Classic hence whatever happened, happened”. It was due to the scheming of some astrologers that Patel was not able to bring out the translation of an ancient horary classic out, nor did he ever use Horary for his predictions, one of the most important tools for prediction. We realized that the whole episode was so painful for him that it took 40 years for him to write another book about his various works, on the insistence of some of his well-wishers including the famous Late V.A.K. Iyer who wanted a book to come out containing all his articles. Again he faced the same opposition but this time Late Iyer was a god-sent person for his rescue. We understand that for any astrologer his articles are his assets, the issues that was faced throughout was not just of copyright but not allowing the great articles that Patel had written to remain for future generations as print magazine has huge amount of limitations in contrast to this digital magazine where your work is preserved for eternity. It is for this reason this magazine maintains that every article is the copyright of the author and ‘Let no astrologer suffer the way Patel suffered at the hands of this & other astrologers’. As if more was in store, we noticed that in early 1990 photocopies of Patel Saheb’s book on Ashtakvarga were being sold for Rs 1500 ($35) without him receiving any royalty. It was at the insistence of his closest friend, Mr. K. Bhushan who convinced Mr. Patel to write the books, today Patel 5 books are available for us via the good offices of Narendra Sagar of Sagar Publications, or else the new generation would have had to face what most generations faced in the past, that is buying photocopies of his books.

People accuse Patel of not writing anything from 1957 to 1990s and depriving us of knowledge but why can’t we ask the question what did we do to stop publishing politics that prevented Patel & so many others like him from revealing to us Jyotish knowledge.

Speaking of true scholarship, Patel like any other scholar would always quote verses from ancient text as his references, giving even page number and never hide under the garb of parampara or secrecy or hear say methods unlike what is happening on the net. forums for whom everything is Nadi astrology. We on the net forums or in mo dern books on Nadi astrology cannot quote verses & we are ever ready to fool city Indians or foreigners. We would say ohh we are on oath in regards to Nadi astrology whereas in contrast Patel gave away everything in true spirit of astrological knowledge being furthered. We asked him why he quotes verses when 99% of the readers don’t understand Sanskrit & he can himself just mention as his research, he replied “My child when you quote verses you are projecting the Sage who wrote it, whereas in contrast you are projecting yourself only apart from the obvious reasons of your work will not be considered serious among scholars if you do not quote verses.”

Once we were discussing a difficult point in astrology and as his habit was of instantly remembering verses from old books and asking us to fetch a book from his library, he asked us to bring to him Bhrighu Nadi, when we brought it to him it came out of our mouth ‘Sir it’s so huge and heavy who would read it’. He gazed at us for long and said, ‘Go back again to that spot there you would find a letter which I had written to Sage Parasara that his book Parasara Hora is too big’. We felt ashamed as we got what he was trying to say but still asked cheekily did the sage ever reply. Patel said yes there you would find his letter wherein he replied ‘Ohh I am sorry you find my book too long to read and master, incidentally I didn’t even write 0.5% of the full astrology in it, regarding the rest of 99.5% I am waiting for students to be ready for me to reincarnate’. It was in this incident Patel said we should never complain from extreme hard work in Jyotish and be a very avid reader spending every waking hour in our studies otherwise we would only be fooling our clients by saying we are astrologers whereas we know nothing about astrology. He said stop the habit of ‘Fast Food Astrology’ there is no easy way out. Astrology is so huge that it scares us and though 3-4 of our dear readers complained that the last issue of Saptarishis Astrology was too big we just remembered what Patel had to say on the issue of size. We better pull up our socks for becoming extensive and avid readers otherwise we are doing dis-service to this divine science.

Our Sins

Patel was famous for his collection of rare manuscripts especially Nadi manuscripts unavailable with anyone which many over the years took it from him and never gave back. During his bad days we introduced him to a Delhi friend of ours, who donated Rs 10,000, we were so pleased with our friend. Only to find that after meeting him for 45 minutes, our friend was broadcasting on the net forums that he has learnt astrology from Mr. Patel. Then few months later under the garb of digitizing Nadi Manuscripts our friend visited Patel and took Buddha Nadi and Dhruv Nadi from him never to return back. This was our sin and our mistake for introducing such a friend to an old man whose only possession in life was his books. Now the world will never see those manuscripts as our friend has disappeared with it, the only copy of that manuscript gone whereas we were fooled as he said he is close to K.N.Rao and as his letters often appeared in K.N.Rao’s magazine we believed him being so naive without realizing that it is easy to get ones letter printed in any Indian magazine. This loss of nadi’s is due to us and our 1st Sin against him.

Once we took him as Guest of Honor to a conference where he gave lecture on retrogression which was the title of his forth coming book, later half way through lunch he rushed back and got his papers on retrogression which he had kept on the dais knowing the history of plagiarism, the organizers quietly ridiculed him of leaving lunch and going for his papers. He did this as his book on retrogression was not out. Well 1.5 yrs later someone quoted on a net forum Patel’s own research on retrogression as this man’s Parampara knowledge. We were furious but kept this to ourselves and did not inform Patel Saheb as he would have died of heart attack and as if he did not have enough problems. Taking him to that conference was our 2nd sin against a man who trusted us. His book on retrogression still remains unpublished due to this & other reasons.

Younger Generation

He was not in touch with the younger generation and most of us thought he was no longer alive. When he met Sanjay Rath, a young astro-student from India he was thrilled at the work that is being done on the net. Sanjay told him ‘Sir, you have created a subject out of Arudhas; nobody has done this before you. Patel was thrilled when Sanjay mentioned the name of our own mentor who was also the closest friend of Patel since 3 decades, saying that ‘Sir, Mr. ….. (our mentor) has been my (Sanjay’s) own mentor and dragged me (Sanjay) to write books and not keep the knowledge within. (Sanjay has written few good books in astrology). Such small meetings with the children of Indian Astrology gave him thrill and excitement in his lonely old days.

If he disagreed with someone’s view on a method in astrology, he would never ever deride that person even if he was not Patel’s well wisher. He would only say ‘Others opinion must be heard with an open mind whatever be your age in astrology’. We saw that he always had such high regard to wards his fellow astrologers, praising them many a times. We always found this such an amazing quality in him, inspite of the injustice that had been done to him. He would never put someone down, whereas in today’s internet forums which have become gossip entertainment TV channels of astrology, we only find people living to deride others and in the same breath say that we Indians are the most cultured people. How can such hypocrisy exist is tough to believe. Once we were sitting with him & insulted a Jaimini Guru who had harshly insulted & hurt Patel at age of 90, then Patel said like a father ‘If you do not have respect for him in your heart, atleast praise his genuine work for the sake of increasing the power of your Venus & thereby Money’ (teasing us with an astro bait for us to change from heart). It is 3 yrs later we realized why he said Venus.

In India one of the main religious rituals is the after death rituals, which is to ease the passage of soul into the next life. This is the most important ritual exhibiting how important reincarnation or moksha is for Indians. Some believe that that till one year after someone’s death his soul moves around not having found peace. May this dedication ‘For’ a lonely 92  yr old man give him peace no w and balm for the injustice we in the astro community inflicted on him by limiting his output.  There would have been many like Patel who never got the  justice  & support that we astrologers should have accorded him, Patel was still probably lucky to have been highly regarded by even scholars & his work noticed by the English reading members of Indian astrology. May this story stop the plagiarism that is so predominant among Gurus of today who pick up from regional language books or old astrological magazines displaying it as one’s own parampara knowledge or research especially to the naive internet young readers who have no background of history of astrology or avid cum diverse reading habits. Let’s Stop the Business of ‘Astrology For Own Fame’ as it destroys the genuine astrologer within us & makes us do politics against fellow astrologers.

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  1. Thank you sir to give us such a good article regarding Shri Patel sir.
    Some of the incidents you have mentioned are really hear touching.
    Thanks again…


  2. Dear sir,

     Thanks a lot for your honesty and humbleness in sharing your work for the benefit of readers. You are doing a very noble work. May God give you strength to achieve what ever you wish. Thanks again .


  3. Plagiarism is the Himalayan sin among some scholars,but due to lack of technical know how some Gurus are victimized .But according to Patel sab words ,that showing the God will and his utmost humility. Hats off to him.


  4. Thank you. I have personally met Agnihotri ji in Varanasi. What He maintains is true and has worked wonders. Yes, a large part of it depends on one’s inner silence and deciphering the messaqge not from the planets alone but from a total amalgamation of planets. This is also taught to me by Agnihotri ji …



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