Secrets of Ascendants

Secrets of Ascendants

  By Ashok Upadhaya

Ashok Upadhaya is an astrologer versed in different systems of astrology and holds the view that every system has its strength, which must be incorporated in ones reading model. His concepts are different to the extent of either being dismissed easily or being called revolutionary. Well known for his stunning predictions we suggest to watch this space in the future. He learnt his astrology from the legendary blind astrologer of yesteryear’s Shri Swami. He bows to his Gurus, Late C.S.Patel, Late Prabhakar Dongre, Late Pandit Prabhashankar Trivedi.

In this write up small keys to each Ascendant are presented with basic principles of astrology which all the readers of Saptarishis Astrology are aware of, hence no explanation nor any logic is presented to each verse as it would only eat up space. We request you to memorize & test these verses although it has been tested for a long time by this scribe. Additionally, whatever is written below will be applicable in the 9th Harmonic (Navamsa) too, e.g. if Jupiter Saturn are together in D9 (9th Harmonic) for an Aries Asc and Jupiter Saturn do not form relationship in D1 (1st divisional) but form relationship in D9 then also the rules will be applicable and sometimes the results will be more intense.

Aries Ascendant

  • When Jupiter Saturn has a relationship of any kind the person becomes a failure, minimum 50 % of the horoscopes power is reduced. Ref Laghu Parasari Shloka No 22 yogaadhyaya. Saturn is 10L (karmesh) and Jupiter is 9L (Bhagyesh).
  • Sun or Mars has any relation with Venus, even in signs of Venus – their energies will not be focus oriented.
  • Any relation of Ven with Jupiter does not give good results. E.g. Ven in Pisces can give good materialistic success & beautiful wife but quality of marriage life is so-so and not so great.
  • If Moon is with paap graha it gives good results.
  • Moon Rahu together in Trines (5,9 only) gives good results.
  • Moon Mars in Trines (5,9 only) gives good results.
  • Moon Saturn in Trines (5,9 only) at times gives good results but they should have no relationship with Jupiter.
  • Gajakeshari Yoga (jup moon in quadrant) if it has any relationship with Saturn then it does not give results at all of the Gajakeshari yoga.
  • Guru Venus yoga in those areas of life which have no dignity or depth in it, this yoga will give glamour but at the same time gives bad name (negative publicity).
  • Guru Venus together in any house brings hani in bhagya i.e. spoils destiny.
  • Ven Neptune together degreecal or even 2-3 deg aspect, native would have problems of asthma, breathing problem, suffocation, circulation problems in body, sometimes they pass through epilepsy or at times giddiness– this is applicable to all Ascendants. If Ven is 2 deg less than Neptune then the above symptoms will be more visible.
  • Uranus & Ven being degreecal in Kendra to each other, then sex scandal or gives bad name sometimes, but the result is extreme. Neptune Ven or Uranus Venus relationship one would often find in charts of film stars.
  • Uranus and Ven in Kendra (quadrant) to each other gives abnormal sexual life for all Ascendants but affect more in Aries Ascendant.
  • Neptune Venus relationship sometimes gives death in water or fire which means due to non availability of air, basically gives different kind of death at times.

Taurus Ascendant

  • Saturn is the major planet in this horoscope, Saturn Mer or Saturn Ven having any type of relationship then the native becomes a great success.
  • Any relation of Jupiter with Venus or Jupiter with Saturn or Jupiter with Mer, gives short time name fame (success) but they do not get permanent fame (success). The negative results will be seen in Jupiter’s antardasa.
  • Native should never cheat his siblings (co-borns), or even blood relatives, if he cheats he will get destroyed in life and the result of this Sin (papa) will be experienced in the 2nd.
  • He should manage extreme distance from his wife’s sister and from widows, if not then full generation will get destroyed.

Gemini Ascendant

  • Any type of relationship of Saturn (bhagyesh) and Guru (karmesh) the native can be a failure in life as compared to his original potential.
  • Native’s wife takes lot of care of Mother in law but her mother in law will not respect his wife.
  • Relationship with father in law will be cordial and caring.
  • If Jup in 2H then it gives unpredictable results, 80 % negative results but astrologer should be extra cautious while predicting about 2H matters and even houses that Jupiter Lords. This Jupiter will behave abnormally. It has been seen at times that this Jupiter gives extreme problems of the 2H matters.
  • If Jupiter is deposited in 5H then it is more powerful than Jupiter exalted in Cancer.
  • Native should always give respect to people who are elderly to him and to people who have knowledge otherwise he would get destroyed.
  • If a Gemini native ascendant is facing troubles in life then he should go and help elderly or learned people and in 10 days he would get relief.
  • Native should never sexually exploit women who are younger to him; this becomes the reason for his downfall.

Cancer Ascendant

  • Gajakeshari (Jup quadrant with Moon) yoga (combination) is always beneficial but Moon should be ahead of Jupiter in the 4th from Guru, 2nd priority Jup Moon together, 3rd priority Jupiter is in 4th from Moon & 4th priority Jup Moon opposition. In trikona Mars Rahu together or Guru Rahu together in Kendra then it is a great success and fame giving combination.
  • Sun in this Cancer Ascendant gives result of house where he sits and not based on his lordship. If he is with some planet then based on that planet he will give results. Basically Sun here does not give results based on his lordship
  • Native will be a workaholic and will not care about his personal happiness.
  • His wife will get along well with his mother in law.
  • In 5H or 9H if there is Moon with Rahu then it gives good results, Rahu dasa will be best and even Rahu Antardasa’s in Mahadasa’s of other planets will be good if other factors don’t oppose.
  • If Mars Rahu in Kendra or trikona it will give excellent results in Rahu dasa.
  • If Moon Saturn in trikona (5, 9 only) will give good results but the intensity will be less in Dasa’s Antardasa’s.
  • Moon Mars in Kendra or trikona makes the Dasa’s of moon and mars good.
  • This is the specialty of Cancer Ascendant that Moon even with a papa graha gives good results in the Dasa’s but the intensity of success will not be that great.

Leo Ascendant

  • Sun and Guru or Mars are major planets. Any two of the 3 or all 3 forming relationships with each other then it’s great success, the house where it forms relationship is result giving.
  • If in 2H there is Mer or any planet between 10 to 23.20 deg then during its dasa (including Swagrahi Budha) the person is reduced to Zero in life at times depending on what stage the dasa is running in one’s life. The intensity of the failure will be decided by Moons condition in chart e.g. Moon in 8H then people who are beneficial to you will die, Moon in say 6H then his enemies will bring in the failure.
  • It has been found at times in the above verse that if native is abroad (away from his place of birth) then results will be reversed.
  • Native must be careful of his own personality as they are over conscious of their own personality and can be self centered. His success depends on how he can use others skills (manager).
  • If native troubles any woman in his life then nature will never forgive him.
  • If native does not respect traditions, old mythology, his guru or even to ones he learns from, that is to planet Jupiter then he will get destroyed in life e.g. Karna of Mahabharata. Over confidence on one’s own knowledge & own abilities for Leo Asc natives will destroy the native’s life in long run.

Virgo Ascendant

  • Mer Ven or sometimes Saturn with Mer/Ven forming any kind of relationship then he becomes a success in his dasa.
  • In signs of Ta, Vi or Cp if there is any planet in 0 to 10 if the above 3 planets are there (can be ) he becomes a success in foreign country around 3-4 times as compared to what he would have achieved it in his birth place. Unknown place is destiny place for him and his destiny will be due to unknown reasons (non-traditional).
  • If in 8H on degrees of 27 to 30 if there is any planet including Ura, Plu, Nep, then this planet brings in life time achievement and gets good will too even though it will be a hardship filled life. These people will be very loyal, dignified and gives more importance to values of life. If such a native settles abroad then he will be more successful in materialistic life but with hardship. The quantum of these results will be more if Sun is placed in the 12H & also the quality of the Sun (especially check Astakvarga of the Sun).

Libra Ascendant

  • Moon and Jupiter’s are not major planets for his life, sometimes Saturn with Rahu in Kendra is the most successful combination in dasas for Libra Ascendant. Sometimes Mercury’s role becomes supportive in this Ascendant. E.g. as soon he goes abroad he becomes success.
  • If all these planets (Mer, Ven or Saturn) are between 10 to 23.20 in Ta, Vi or Cp then a miracle like thing happens in life but if there is a foreign element involved then its more success. E.g. if Ven is placed in this deg then someone will die and Libra native gets money.
  • Any religious books if not of use to him then he should donate it to anyone but not keep it idle or in bad condition, if done so then his life becomes in bad condition.
  • Books of knowledge (not story books) he should donate it regularly.
  • If in one’s family if there is small sister then native should always respect her without fail.

Scorpio Ascendant

  • Any planet deposited between 4 to 5 deg of Sc, then that planet becomes yogakaraka (planet should be less than 5 deg not above).
  • Moon Jupiter Kendra Yoga (quadrant to each other) gives lot of success, in this amavasya or poonam birth gives name and fame and good quality of life.
  • Moon, Jupiter or Mars gives very good results.
  • Moon should be ahead of Jupiter in the 4th from Guru, 2nd priority Jup Moon together, 3rd priority Jupiter is in 4th from Moon & 4th priority Jup Moon opposition.
  • Between 13.20 to 26.40 if planets (Mars, Jup or Moon) placed in Ar, Le or Sg then in this natives life marriage or foreign becomes Trigger Point for his success (not to be interpreted that marriage life is success).
  • Wherever Saturn in a house, that house becomes very important for Scorpio Ascendant, same is the case with Venus e.g. Venus is in Libra then Sc Asc will get a lot of money to have luxuries.
  • If Moon is in Asc and if Jup in 6th or 8th, even though it becomes Sakata Yoga it does not give extreme negative results. These guys will be insecure on account of their destiny but they would have good destiny. If Venus or Mer joins the other houses of Adhi yoga then this Jupiter gives very positive results.

Sagittarius Ascendant

  • Sun Jupiter or Mars these 3 planets are important roles related to success. Out of these 3 planets if any planets are sitting in 2H then predict carefully. Any relation of these 3 planets then its success. If Jup Rahu are together in Trikona (only 5 and 9 houses) then in Rahu dasa it will be great success. Sun and Rahu together in Kendra will show success in Rahu dasa.
  • Mars and Rahu together in Kendra will give success in Rahu dasa and antardasa’s.
  • If there are financial problems then he should help in marriage of a girl except that of his blood relatives.
  • Male or female native of this Asc should never get abortion done in any circumstances.
  • Natives should not have extra marital life, if at all if they have it then they should do it in the open but not keep it a secret. In the west this might be called open marriage.

Capricorn Ascendant

  • Mer Ven Saturn are positive planets. Rahu deposited in 12H and if there are planets in 2H then predict carefully in relation to those planets posited in 2H.
  • If Rahu is in 12H and Mer or Ven or Saturn in 2H between 6.40 to 20 deg then in the dasa of the planets posited in any of the 3 planets (Mer Ven Saturn) or Rahu antardasa all of sudden name and fame will be spoilt and even jail at times.
  • If the same above condition is there (planets in 2H between 6.40 to 20 deg) and Ketu in 12H then there will be a major disease or major problems related to health – incurable big disease, there will be problem in diagnosing in Rahus antardasa.

Aquarius Ascendant

  • Jupiter gives financial status but also gives unfair disease, this Jupiter should be placed in Pi, Sc or Cancer Rasis of this Ascendant, and the disease will be stomach related. Suppose a person is Aq Ascendant and is successful in life then he will have stomach problems.
  • Mer Saturn or Ven all 3 are beneficial but Mer having any relation with 5H then 5H will become a weakness for him, he will become over affectionate and will become blind, in writings or children he becomes over affected. Also Mer Ven in any house for Aq Ascendant then also he becomes over effected with 5H or Ven associated with 5H.

Pisces Ascendant

  • Moon Mars Jupiter are good planets, any relations between them then their dasas antars (periods) are good.
  • Moon Rahu together in Kendra then it will give good results then Rahu dasas or antars in any dasas there will be success.
  • Guru Rahu together in trikona will give shubh phala (good results) but in 5 and 9th only in dasa of Rahu. If native is a businessman then sometimes the results can be foreign related or abnormal business.
  • If these natives have good height then their shoulders would be bent, it also means that if this Pisces Asc natives if he displays ego then he will have to once in lifetime face fall in life.
  • If Venus is exalted in Ascendant then it gives a fake materialistic life but he can’t really taste it. This type of Venus gives a lot of guilt feeling. Lot of things would be unfair in his life.
  • They want to be versatile in everything and this becomes the reason of their failures in life.

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7 replies

  1. I think that a very good help for each other as astrologers is THE FEED-BACK. Even if it is from our own natal charts. We can be the most intelligend and gifted astrologers – it is the feed-back which makes an astrologer to be really an astrologer.
    In my case: I confirm 90% Aquarius Lagna information. Even if my Jupiter is in Libra, I have stomach problems. Concerning Mercury and the 5th House – it is not quite so, but the affliction exists. Maybe the problems of the 5th House could be a matter of time if Saturn is important in the chart.
    In D9, Saturn and Jupiter are directly connected although not by aspects.
    Very good the article…

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  2. Hello saptarishi astrology I am an avid reader and student of your teachings and astrology. And i thank you for giving us the hidden secrets and techniques in astrology. My Only request to saptarishi astrology is that please bring on the positive aspects of astrology Also. I have noticed that more Of negative aspects of astrology is brought into light. My sincere request is you to bring in positive aspects which are hidden in the classics and of great sages.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Appreciate you writing back.

      Where did we show negative aspect of astrology ? What according to you is negative aspect we have been highlighting ?

      Glass is half full as far as we see.

      Thanks. 🙂


      • In aries ascendant, you have mentioned a couple of positive combinations. But most of the combinations in Aries are harmful for the native it seems


  3. as always, very useful and good post, thanks

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  4. Amazing … amazing … for ppl like us who don’t get much chance to learn at Guru’s feet… this is the next best thing ….. many many heart felt thanks…

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  5. Most of the combinations in Aries Ascendant seem to have negative effects. Is it possible to eliminate harmful effects of Guru and Venus together in Navmansha? Or you have to suffer for the rest of your life?


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