Ascertaining Marriage Life – Divorce Rules

Ascertaining Marriage Life – Divorce Rules

 By: P.M.Padia

Assistant redactor: Andree Leclerc, Canada

 Proofing: Carole McMechan, Canada

In my long experience as a professional Jyotishi, I had many occasions to witness countless relationship problems in marriages. Out of my observations, I have noticed that there are specific combinations in charts that are indicative of marriage problems and, when they accumulate together, a divorce is sure to happen. One should not forget Desh, Kala, Patra that are country, time and customs of the native before venturing into blindly applying these rules. Some of these rules you would find working in charts of natives with happy married life and there are special rules which would be given in the next issue which will cancel the negative yogas mentioned in the rules below, these are most important and  should not be forgotten.

For ascertaining the marriage life of a native or even matching of horoscopes between 2 partners, we should consider the following rules:

General Rules:

  • The 1H (the native himself), 2H (family) soubhagya of spouse, 4H (domestic happiness), 7H (spouse, span of marriage life, sex desires), 8H (soubhagya – span of marriage life and sex ability), 12H (sexual compatibility, bed pleasure). If these houses or their Lords are afflicted by natural malefic planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu), the married life will be disturbed and give separation or divorce. If we find afflictions to 3 or more of these factors, the chances of problems increase. Please note that for this method, it is more important to consider the 7H, 8H and 12H with their Lords and karaka (significator) of 7H (Venus for males and Jupiter for female). Most important if the lord of 5th, 7th, 8th or 12th is retrograde and if it is malefic and at the same time in any of these houses (5, 7, 8, 12) then there will be more chances of divorce.
  • Same observations as above will have to be made in the Navamsha chart (D-9) particularly the good or bad Navamsha positions of the Rashi Lords of 7H, 8H and 12H. So, we should analyse the Navamsha in itself like we’ve done for the rashi and also see the Navamsha positions of the rashi lords.

Note: the Karaka for the 2H is Jupiter – for the 4H it is the Moon – for 7H is Venus or Jupiter.

Nakshatras Based Rules:

  • If the Center point (cusp) of the above bhavas (1H, 2H, 4H, 7H, 8H, and 12H), their Lord and their karakas are in Nakshatras of malefic planets, especially Ketu and Rahu, then marriage life will be disturbed. The cusps considered here are according to the Sripathi Bhava calculations (all Vedic astro softwares should have this option).
  • The Moon does not give good results in Anishtakaal Nakshatras (bad for Moon). Following are the Anishtakaal Nakshatras:
    1. The 2nd and 3rd padas of Pushya (6o41 to 13o20 Cancer)
    2. Ashlesha (16o41 to 30o00 Cancer)
    3. Magha (0o00 to 13o20 Leo)
    4. 1st pada of Uttara Phalguni (26o41 to 30o00 Leo)
    5. 1st and 2nd padas of Chittra (23o21 to 30o00 Virgo)
    6. 4th pada of Vishaka (0o00 to 3o20 Scorpio)
    7. Jyeshta (16o41 to 30o00 Scorpio)
    8. Mula (0o00 to 13o20 Sagittarius)
    9. 3rd pada of Purva Ashada (20o01 to 23o20 Sagittarius)

If the Centre point of 1H, 7H, 8H and 12H is in the above mentioned nakshatras or the Lords of the 7H, 8H, and 12H and 7H karaka (Venus or Jupiter) are in the above mentioned nakshatras, this will give disturbance in married life.

The Moon in these Nakshatras will give hardship in life. At the time of birth, if Moon is in any of these nakshatras, the birth time is called Anishtakaal (Inauspicious time). To remove the inauspiciousness of these, Vedic astrology suggests performing particular religious Pooja.

  • If Venus is in the 1st pada of Ashwini Nakshatra (0o00 to 3o20 Aries) or, if Venus occupies Krittika Nakshatra (26o41 Aries to 10◦00 Taurus), married life will be disturbed.

Other Principles:

  • When the 12L is aspecting or conjunct the 7H, or the 7L or 7H karaka or, if the 7L or its karaka is in the 12H and afflicted by malefic planet.
  • Ketu or Rahu being in the 7H or any two malefic planets conjunct in the 7H or with the Lord of 7H or its karaka then disturbance in marriage life occurs.
  • Saturn in the 2nd, 8th or 12th house aspected or conjunct with other malefic planets.
  • The Lord of 2H in the 12H or vice versa.
  • When the 8L and 12L conjoint or aspect each other this also is bad for marriage life.
  • Malefic planets afflicting houses 6 and 12 or their lords or karakas of 7H, is one of the reasons of divorce (because 6th and 12th houses are for sexual compatibility and bed pleasure for each partner).
  • If the 7th Lord or karaka is placed in the 6, 8 or 12 house or, if the Lord of 6, 8 and 12 is in 7H afflicted by malefic planets, this may also give divorce. If any of these factors are retrograded, it will also disturb marriage life.
  • In the native’s chart, if Venus and Jupiter are in the 6H or 8H from each other, this gives disturbance in married life.
  • 7H, 8H, 12H or its lord or karaka(s) of 7H being hemmed in by natural malefic planets (called Papakartari yoga) brings afflictions.

If any 3 principles or more apply on a chart, then divorce can be predicted depending on the strength of the planet to give effect or not.

Master Principle for Exceptions:

  • If the Lord and/or karakas of houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 12 are in an angle house (kendra) or in a trine house (trikona) and are aspected by, conjunct with, or ‘hemmed in’ (Subha Kartari yoga) by benefic planets, this will protect and save the marriage life. Similarly, if benefics occupy, aspect or hem in the above houses, it also proves beneficial.

So, above all, we need to judge how many bad and unfavourable yogas are present and evaluate their strength. At the same time, we should see how many good and favourable yogas are found and what their strength is. If bad yogas are more powerful than good yogas, this will definitively create difficulties, disappointments, hardships and unhappiness in the life of the native. And if good yogas are prevailing over bad yogas, there will be happiness, harmony, peace and progress and marriage life will thus be saved. This mastery of finding the fine balance between good yogas and bad yogas and coming to a conclusion can come to you only with ‘Experience’ which no course in astrology can teach.

We will examine some charts to get a better view of the intertwining of these factors. Let’s see which one from our selection of famous personalities will win the laureate of afflictions (competition will be tight between some of our candidates). Our first criteria will be the number rules for each and for the finalists, we’ll give you the count of afflictions present.

Chart 1: Martha Stewart

Well-known American entrepreneur. In 1960 she met Andy Stewart, 23, a Yale law student and they married the following year; one child.

To her dismay, Andy moved out in 1987 and they divorced in 1990. The separation was not amicable and Andy got a court order to keep Martha away. A non-stop compulsive achiever known for a tendency to run over people, she was said to have put Andy down often.


Let’s start with rule #1 which spells out that houses 7, 8 and 12 with their Lords and 7H karaka are the first factors we want to examine. We’ll immediately note that the 7H is hemmed in, its Lord is in the 6H of quarrel and divorce with Ketu and the 7H karaka is in the 8H with Saturn and receiving Rahu’s aspect – this is bad… Mars is also the 2H Lord. This also implies that houses 6 & 12 are damaged (rules 1, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13 apply).

Saturn (the Lord of the 4H) is well placed in the sign of Taurus (Kubera = wealth – is she not the glorious and prosperous queen of household?), but it is in the malefic 8H. It is with Jupiter, a natural benefic who is nonetheless by its dispositorship of Mars & Ketu. The 1st & 8th Lord, Venus, is hemmed in (rules 1 & 7, 11, 13).

The 1H receives Mars’ aspect, 2H does receive Saturn & Ketu’ aspects and the 4H receives Sun & Rahu’s glances. Nevertheless, Jupiter does aspect the 12H, 2H of family and 4H of domestic happiness but these are not free from malefic influences – besides, the 4H karaka the Moon, receives no malefic aspects but no benefic glances either so, rule 14 does not apply. This kinds of bundles it for marriage troubles but we’ll still list the Nakshatra afflictions, just in case anyone had any doubt.

Nakshatra Afflictions

The Ascendant is in Swati (Rahu is Lord) and Saturn the 4th Lord, is in Krittika (Sun) (rule 2). The Moon is in Mula (Lord Ketu) (rule 3).

With all this, Martha Stewart gets 8 negative rules applying.

Chart 2: Linda McCartney

American photographer and musician, a chef and cook-book writer who also happened to the wife of former Beatles Paul McCartney. Together, they lived an uncommonly stable marriage contracted on 3/12/1969. For 29 years, she and Paul never spent a night apart except for one ten-day period when he was arrested and held in a Tokyo jail for having marijuana on his person. They lived most of their time on a farm in West Sussex, England.

But before, while a student at Sarah Lawrence and the University of Arizona, she married, had a daughter and divorced in 1963.

Her marriage to Paul McCartney ended when she died of Cancer on April 17, 1998 in Tucson, AZ.


Born about 2 months after Martha Stewart, we will observe some similar positions as they even have the same Ascendant.

Again here the 7H is hemmed in and is aspected by Rahu since the Nodes have changed houses. So now the Lord of the 7H and 2H, retrograde Mars, is alone in the 6H of quarrel and divorce and faces Rahu’s dispositor, the Sun, placed in the 12H so, houses 6 & 12 are also damaged – especially since Mars’ can’t help misbehaving, being retrograde. The 7H karaka, Jupiter (dispositor of Mars & 6L), is with retrograde Saturn in the 8H. Saturn (Lord of houses 4 & 5) is well placed in the sign of Taurus, but it is in the malefic 8H and it not on its best behaviour either due to retrogression and being dispositor of ketu. Mercury, the 12th Lord is in the Ascendant and aspects the 7H. Mercury is conjunct Lagna Lord Venus and 4H karaka Moon – these 3 receive Ketu & Mars’ glances (rules 1, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13 apply).

The 2H receives Jupiter & Saturn’s aspects. Jupiter also positively aspects the 12H and 4H – let it be mentioned that the 4H as such receives no malefic influence. Venus, 4H karaka Moon and Mercury are in the Ascendant, an angle, creating Malavaya, Raja and Dhana yogas. This brings positive relief although Mars and ketu still aspects them all. Additionally, Jupiter and Venus are in 6/8 relation (rules 1, 12, 14).

Nakshatra Afflictions

The Ascendant and its Lord are in Swati (Rahu). Saturn, 4th Lord, is in Krittika (Sun is Lord), Jupiter is placed in Mirgashira (Mars), the center point of the 8H is in Ardra (Rahu) and 12th Lord Mercury is in Chitra (Mars) (rules 2 & 3).

Linda McCartney amazingly gets 9 negative rules but these are not as excruciatingly negative as in Martha Stewart’s case (or other celebrities below) as there is a sense of balance brought in by favourable yogas – we must conclude that some of the afflictions affected her in other ways (like dying of breast Cancer with the Moon conjunct 8L & 12L and receiving Mars’ aspect).

Chart 3: Salman Rushdie

Indian writer, a Moslem famed for the condemnation by the Ayatollah of Iran along with his death sentence given on 2/14/1989, for writing his book “Satanic Verses,” 1989. He was married to his first wife Clarissa Luard from 1976 to 1987 and fathered a son, Zafar. He married American writer Marianne Wiggins in 1988. They divorced 3/02/1993. In 1997 he married Editor Elizabeth West and the couple had a son in May 1997. Still married to West, Rushdie became a couple with 29-year-old Indian model, author and New York City society girl Padma Lakshmi in early 2000 and they married in Manhattan on April 17, 2004 in a traditional Hindu ceremony. This was Rushdie’s fourth marriage.


Controversial Mr. Rushdie has Mars in the Ascendant, in its own sign (Ruchaka yoga) and mutually aspected by both Jupiter and Saturn (Raja & Dhana yogas). Retrograde Jupiter (also 12th Lord) in the 7H is aspected by Mars and Saturn. Mars is also 8th Lord. Ketu in the 8H aspects the 4H and the 12H. Venus in the 2H is with Rahu and hemmed in (rules 1, 5, 9, 11, 13 apply).

Lord and karaka of 4H, the Moon, is exactly conjunct the Sun (Amavasya) and becomes a malefic. The 6H receives Saturn and Rahu’s aspects and we have already seen the condition of Jupiter as 12th Lord. Venus and Jupiter are in 6/8 relation (rules 1, 10, 12).

Other favourable yogas such as Guru-Mangala, Kalpadruma and Vipareet are also present. To all this, we can add a full course of…

Nakshatra Afflictions

The Ascendant is in Ashwini (Ketu) while the centre point of the 2H is in Krittika (Sun), that of the 7H in Swati (Rahu), of the 8H in Anuradha (Saturn) and of the 12H in Uttara Bhadrapada (Saturn) – so, the centre points of 5 out of the 6 houses under scrutiny are afflicted. Additionally, Ascendant Lord Mars (1H & 8H) occupies Krittika (Sun), 4H karaka Moon (also 4th Lord) is in Mrigashira. (Mars) (Rule 2) (He sure looks like the winner as far as Nakshatra afflictions are concerned… so far).

With all this action, Salman Rushdie gets 8 negative rules all categories considered.

Chart 4: Pamela Anderson

Canadian-American actress, star of the most watched TV show in history, “Baywatch,” a sand-sex-surf-saga marketed to more than 40 countries and watched by a billion people every week.

After a four-day courtship with “Motley Crue” drummer Tommy Lee, she married him on a beach in Mexico, February 1995, wearing a white bikini. They had a son on 6/05/1996. With stormy battles over substance abuse, she filed for divorce on 11/19/1996, Los Angeles, they reconciled five minutes later. The marriage finally broke up in spectacular demonstration of spousal abuse that took Tommy Lee to jail and Pamela to the divorce court. He kicked her once in the back and once in the buttocks. She filed a court order to keep him away.

In April 1999, Pamela had a much publicized bust reduction to balance her exaggerated top-heavy shape. This monumental event was followed with the announcement of reconciliation with her drinking, tattooed mate, referring to his beating as an “isolated event.” On 4/23/1999 she moved back to their $1.5 million Malibu home, thrilled that her boys have their daddy back. Their reconciliation soon ran its course and by 2001, Pamela was hot’n’heavy with rocker Kid Rock.


Free from the afflictions we seek, the 7H even receives an exalted Jupiter aspect (rule 14!) 7L Mars, however, is opposite Saturn while karaka of 7H Jupiter (also 8H Lord), in the 3H is free from aspects. The 8H that shows the gains from marriage receives the combined aspects of Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu (that hurts!) Rahu conjunct the fourth house karaka Moon sits in the 12H that also receives Mars’ aspect – this goes to say that the axis of the 6th and 12th house is harmed by the Nodes (rules 1, 10, with intensity).

The Ascendant is hemmed in between Sun and Rahu and its Lord (Venus) receives Rahu’s aspect. The 2nd Lord is retrograde, conjunct the Sun and they receive Ketu’s aspect (rules 1, 13). Pamela also has favourable Raja and Gajakeshari yogas.

Nakshatra Afflictions

While the Ascendant is in Mrigashira (Mars), its Lord is placed in Magha (Ketu). The 4th Lord Sun is in Ardra (Rahu). The 4H centre point is Ashlesha (Mercury), 4H karaka Moon is in Ashwini (Ketu), that of the 7H is Jyeshta (Mercury) and 7H karaka Jupiter is in Pushya (Saturn). Then the 7th & 12th Lord, Mars, occupies Chitra (Mars) (rules 2 & 3).

So here Pamela Anderson gets 5 negative rules.

Chart 5: Woody Allen

American comedian, writer, actor and film director, screenwriter, play writer and musician, gifted and appealing. The ultimate pessimist, Allen is an hedonic, one who is psychologically unable to enjoy himself; in therapy for over 20 years, perhaps the funniest neurotic of the 20th century.

At 19, he married a 17-year-old student, Harlene Rosen. The marriage lasted five years. He married a second time, to actress Louise Lasser, and they had several good years together before calling it quits.

He is said to have been ‘together’ with his co-star of 5 movies, Diane Keaton.

In the fall of 1979 he met Mia Farrow, who had seven children. They slowly began a relationship early in 1980, wondrous at how different they were. The relationship began falling apart in the end of the ’80s.

On 12/01/1991, he began an affair with Soon-Yi (about age 21), one of Farrow’s adopted tribe. When Farrow found out, it became a highly public explosion. She accused him of molesting daughter Dylan on 8/04/1992, which was never proven.

On a chilly afternoon, 12/23/1997, Allen, 62, married Soon-Yi Previn, 27, at a municipal building in Venice, Italy.


To start with, the 7H receives aspects from Ketu and Mars; 7L & 4L Jupiter is in the 2H facing the benefic Moon and karaka Venus is conjunct Rahu that creates a Pitru dosha in the 5H. Venus is hemmed in by Rahu and Saturn. The 8H, where 4H karaka Moon is placed, receives Saturn & Mars’ aspects and the 8L is aspected by Rahu. Saturn in the 6H aspects the 12H and Mars aspects 12th Lord, the Sun (rules 1, 10, 13, 14).

Mars in the Ascendant receives Rahu’s aspect – same Rahu is in a very close conjunction with Mercury, the Ascendant Lord (rule 1).

Nakshatra Afflictions

His Ascendant escapes difficult Nakshatras! But then, the centre point of the 2H is Swati (Rahu), that of the 4H in Mula (Ketu), that of the 7H Uttara Bhadrapada (Saturn), for the 8H it is Ashwini (Ketu) and the 12H cusp is in Magha (Ketu). The 12th Lord Sun is in Uttara Ashada, its own Nakshatra (rules 2 & 3). To balance his difficulties, Mr. Allen also has Raja, Dhana, Gajakeshari, Kalpadruma and Brahma yogas.

We’ve got 5 consistent negative rules for Woody Allen.

Ready for another cinema character? Here she comes….

Chart 6: Brigitte Bardot

French actress called “the French sex-kitten” for over 25 years, lush and pouty. A model at 15 for magazine covers, she became the protégé of director Roger Vadim; they married on 12/20/1952. The press have chronicled her misfortunes with relish, her marriage misadventures, the abandonment of her baby son and her suicide attempts.

Actor Jacques Charrier was her second husband and the father of her son, and millionaire playboy Gunther Sacks was her third husband. On 8/16/1992, she was married in Switzerland for the fourth time to seven-year-younger Bernard d’Ormale. When she overdosed on pills on 11/14/1992, her husband said it was an accident.


The 7H has the 4H karaka Moon (9L) and they both receive Rahu’s glance. Meanwhile, Venus (7L and 12L) is uncomfortably sandwiched (hemmed in) between Ketu/Mars in Cancer and Sun in Virgo whilst the 7H karaka Jupiter (2L & 5L), conjunct Mercury (8L) in the 12H, receives Mars and Saturn’s aspects (7H matters get a full score). The 8H receives Jupiter’s benefic aspect and retrograde Saturn (4L), is conjunct Rahu and aspected by Ketu conjunct Mars (6L) intensifying the difficulties. This means that the 6H/12H axis is afflicted (rules 1, 8, 10, 11, 13).

The 4H receives Mars and Venus’ glances and no aspects are found on the 2H (rule 1). Some of the favourable yogas ornamenting Ms. Bardot’s chart are Chamara, Amala, Brahma, Raja and Dhana yogas.

Nakshatra Afflictions

The Ascendant is in Jyeshta (Mercury) and the 2H cusp is in Uttara Ashada (Sun). The 7th and 12th Lord, Venus, occupies the 1st pada of Uttara Phalguni (Sun). Meanwhile, 7H karaka and 2nd Lord Jupiter is in Chitra (Mars) and 4th Lord Saturn is in Dhanishta (Mars) (rules 2 & 3).

Brigitte Bardot gets a pungent 7 negative points.

Chart 7: Donald Trump

American entrepreneur who made a fortune estimated at $1 billion by finding and buying losing properties and turning them around.

Trump had a 13 year marriage with Ivana whom her met in 1975, producing three children; Donald Jr. in 1978, Ivanka in 1982 and Eric in 1986. Their divorce in 1991 was highly publicized with accusations of his affair with Marla Maples and Ivana reaming Trump for as much as she could at the time, settling for a $3.5 million dollar home and $14 million. With this being only 1.5% of his net worth, she continued to pursue for a higher settlement. With the publication of Ivana’s tell-all book, Donald brought a $25 million law suit against Ivana for breach of privacy. His tempestuous relationship with Marla Maples included a public shouting match in October 1992 in a restaurant. Their daughter Tiffany was born 10/13/1993. Trump separated from Marla in May 1997 with a pre-nup between one and five million.

Giving her a $2 million 12-carat diamond ring, Trump became engaged to Slovenian-born model Melania Knauss on April 26, 2004. They have lived together for the past five years. The multi-millionaire married for the third time on January 22, 2005 in Palm Beach, Florida, this time to Melania Knauss. The marriage ceremony was scheduled to begin at 7 PM.


The 7H receives a mixture of Rahu, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn’s glances. Saturn (7L & 8L) is conjunct karaka Venus in the Lagna and they both receive Ketu’s aspect. The 8H receives Mars’ aspect while the Sun (2L) is conjunct Rahu. Retrograde 2H karaka Jupiter (6L & 9L) receives Rahu and Saturn’s glances. Mercury, the 12L is in his own house and receives no aspects – however, the 12H is hemmed in between Sun/Rahu and Saturn (rules 1, 11, 13).

Raja Yogakaraka Mars is in the 2H and aspects the Moon (4H karaka) which is in a fallen condition and caught up in a total eclipse (Rule 1).

Nakshatra Afflictions

The Ascendant occupies Ashlesha (Mercury) and 2nd Lord Sun is placed in Mrigashira (Mars). The 2H karaka Jupiter is in Chitra (Mars again), the 4H cusp is in Swati (Rahu), the Moon is in Jyeshta (Mercury), the 7H center point is in Dhanishta (Mars) and 12th Lord Mercury is in Ardra (Rahu) (rules 2 & 3). We can easily imagine that Mr. Trump’s chart reveals Raja and Dhana yogas but also a Tapaswi yoga for an austere and dedicated person… (to his cause).

“The Donald” gets 5 negative rules.

Chart 8: Nathalie Wood

American actress, one of the few child stars who was able to make the transition from child roles to teenage and adult roles.

Natalie’ love life was active and complicated. She married actor Robert Wagner in 1957 when she was 19. The couple bought a house and tried to meet the demands of their respective careers. Neither handled money very well and soon the marriage was in trouble. They divorced after five years. Gossip columnists reported every spat and suspected liaison. Natalie was romantically linked with actor Warren Beatty and the two became the most written about Hollywood duo of 1962. After they split up, Natalie and Warren remained close friends.

She later was engaged to Arthur Loew and Ladislav Blatnik, a shoe manufacturer from Caracas. Natalie also dated Elvis Presley, Raymond Burr, Frank Sinatra, and Henry Jaglom. Six years after her divorce from Wagner, Natalie married the handsome Brit, Richard Gregson, an agent turned producer. They had one child, a daughter named Natasha but divorced in 1972. Natalie then married Robert Wagner for the second time. They had a daughter, Courtney, and Wagner adopted Natasha.


Retrograde karaka and bhadakesh Jupiter (also 4L & 7L) is in the 6H (divorce, wars) and is recipient of an 8H Mars aspect (Mars is also 8L). Saturn, the 6L of conflicts and 5L of romance occupies the 7H and receives Rahu’s aspect. The 8H which holds 4H karaka Moon is sandwiched between Saturn and Ketu (hemmed in); the 8L, Mars is fallen and badly combust by the Sun as 12L – plus, they both receive Rahu’s aspect – Mars and the Moon exchange houses (2 bad Lords for Virgo rising). 6L, 6H and 12L are all afflicted by malefics. But, benefic Jupiter and Venus also occupy the 6H and 12H respectively (rules 1, 9, 10, 11, 13).

Saturn and Ketu aspect the Ascendant while Lagna Lord, Mercury, is conjunct Mars and Sun receiving Rahu’s aspect; the 4H receives Saturn’s aspect and Venus, Lord of the 2H of family life is in the 12H (rules 1, 8). This good lady has some Raja and Dhana yogas.

Nakshatra Afflictions

Here the center point of the 2H is Swati (Rahu). The 7H karaka Jupiter, also 4th and 7th Lord, occupies Shatabishak (Rahu), 8th Lord Mars is in Pushya (Saturn) and the 12H Lord Sun is in Pushya (Saturn) (rules 2 & 3).

Nathalie Wood obtains a consistent 8 negative rules like Salman Rushdie.

Chart 9: Britney Spears

Spears married childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander on January 3, 2004, at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. The marriage lasted 55 hours, ending with an annulment stating that Spears “lacked understanding of her actions to the extent that she was incapable of agreeing to marriage because before entering into the marriage the Plaintiff and Defendant did not know each others likes and dislikes, desires to have or not have children, and each other’s desires as to “State of residency”.

In July 2004, Spears announced her engagement to Kevin Federline, three months after they met. Federline had recently been in a relationship with actress Shar Jackson, who was eight months pregnant with their second child. On the night of September 18, Spears married Federline in a surprise, non-denominational ceremony at a residence in Studio City, California, filing legal papers on October 6. She gave birth to her first child, Sean Preston Federline, nearly one year later, on September 14, 2005 in Santa Monica, California by a scheduled caesarean section.

‘Brit’ announced her second pregnancy in May 2006 during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Just two days before Sean’s first birthday, Spears gave birth to her second son, Jayden James Federline on September 12 in Los Angeles. Spears filed for divorce from Federline on November 7, 2006, citing irreconcilable differences and asking for both physical and legal custody of their two children, with visitation rights for Federline. The couple reached a global settlement agreement in March 2007 and their divorce was finalized in July.


While the 7H receives Saturn, Rahu and Mars’ aspects, karaka Jupiter (Lord or 4H & 7H) is in the 2H of family life which is hemmed in Saturn, malefic Mercury and Sun (tough start). The 8H receives Jupiter’s benefic aspect but the 8L, Mars, is placed in the 12H, hemmed in between Rahu and Saturn. Saturn (6L), placed in the 1H receives Ketu’s glance. 12th Lord Sun which is conjunct Mercury, the Lagna Lord, is aspected by Saturn, Mars and Rahu – so, Sun and Mars are exchanging houses (3H & 12H). Mars also afflicts the 6H (rules 1, 9, 10, 13, 14).

Venus (2L) placed with 4H karaka Moon is conjunct Ketu to the very degree and the 4H receives no aspects but is hemmed in between Mercury/Sun and Ketu (rules 1, 13). Amongst her glorious yogas, Britney has Gajakeshari, Amala, Raja and Dhana yogas, and interestingly, a couple of ascetic’s yogas: Tapaswi and Parivraja.

Nakshatra Afflictions

To make a long story short, basically, all houses’ centre points, all karakas and pertinent house Lords are in bad Nakshatras. That was rules 2 & 3.

With all this, “Brit” gathers some 6 negative rules.

Chart 10: Margaret Trudeau

Canadian noted family, the daughter of a former cabinet minister and political wife of Pierre Trudeau from 3/04/1971 to 1976. They had three sons by 1974 when M. Trudeau was hospitalized for psychiatric treatment.

She left the marriage in 1976 for the drug-culture option of the “Rolling Stones” and racketed around New York “making the scene.” She appeared in the film “Kings and Desperate Men” in 1978 and wrote an autobiography, “Beyond Reason” in 1979, divorced Trudeau in 1983 and married Fried Kemper. They had two children, a boy in 1985 and a girl in 1990. Maintaining her link with show biz, she spent three years as a local talk show host. Her husband went bankrupt in 1993 and now runs a smaller realty firm.


Jupiter, Mars and Saturn all aspect the 7H (some good and some bad), Jupiter aspects Venus (7L & 12L in the 9H) while karaka Jupiter (2l & 5L) is free from aspects. Ketu glances at the 8H and 8L Mercury occupies the 11H that is in a perfect Papakartari yoga. Mars (1H & 6H) conjunct Ketu receives Saturn’s glance – so, Mars and the Nodes afflict the 6/12 houses axis. We shall note that the 12H and its occupants are hemmed in by Mercury and Jupiter (some positive) (rules 1, 10, 14).

Jupiter is in the Ascendant which is good but 4H karaka Moon in the 2H receiving Rahu’s glance; 4L Saturn is conjunct the Sun and the 4H receives the combined aspects of Ketu, Saturn and the Sun aspect (rules 1). Not many yogas in this chart but, out of all our personalities, Margaret Trudeau is the only person with 2 trines and the 7L receiving benefic aspects – these are 5H, 9H & Venus.

Nakshatra Afflictions

The Ascendant which occupies the 4th pada of Vishaka and all houses cusps are in bad Nakshatras save for the 4H. The Moon is in Mula (Ketu) and the 4th Lord, Saturn is in Magha (Ketu). Venus, the 7th and 12th house Lord is in Pushya (Saturn) (rules 2 & 3).

Canada’s ex-lady earned 4 negative rules.

Our finalists are…

Britney Spears = 6 rules

Brigitte Bardot = 7 rules

Martha Stewart = 8 rules

Salman Rushdie = 8 rules

Nathalie Wood = 8 rules

Linda McCartney = 9 rules

We’ll need to proceed by elimination. To make a more detailed count, we have scientifically considered each malefic influence or aspects on all houses, Lords and karakas concerned.

Linda McCartney = gets a total of 28 afflictions. Besides, she does have 3 benefics on angles and nice yogas despite some bad hits.

Martha Stewart = has 22 afflictions. the benefic yogas we’d wish to find. Some good placements are found but they do not help, the difficulties are rather intense like the lady herself.

Salman Rushdie = surprisingly gets a total of 21 afflictions. Yogas, yogas, yogas… are to be found here. But his Moon (mind) is quite afflicted.

Brigitte Bardot = gets 25 afflictions. She’s got some very nice yogas though.

Nathalie Wood = gets 24 afflictions. Some good yogas are there but the difficulties are quite concentrated.

Britney Spears = has 35 afflictions, she’s got good yogas but her ascetic yogas suggest that she would benefit in using her inborn capacities to perform austerities for simplifying and purifying her life – in doing so, she could benefit from them; otherwise, they may just destroy her (so far, she has been doing the “otherwise”).

The laureate of afflictions is won by… Britney Spears!!

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