How to Predict Using Jaimini Chara Dasha

This article presume you know the basics of Vedic Astrology & Jaimini Chara Dasha, if not you can go through the first 2 lessons which are there on this blog.

Step 1: Mark all the Seven Chara Karaka’s excluding Rahu & Ketu + Mark Karkamsha Lagna +  House Pada’s spl.      Upapada

Step 2: Read and understand the chart while marking the various yoga’s formed by these Chara Karaka’s.

Step 3: See the placement of current Chara Dasha from the Birth Lagna.

Step 4: Treat the current Dasha Rashi as Lagan and check how the Karaka’s have been placed, including various yoga’s i.e the promise of the particular Rashi Dasha.

Step 5: Analyze each sub-period in the same way as the step 4 but keeping the promise identified in Step 4 in the mind.

Note: Do keep in the mind the Desh(Place),Kaal(Time) & Paatra(Native) in mind.

How to find the focus area of soul for the particular Dasha.

Note the placement of AK from the very first Dasha leading to the current Dasha. You will see the broader focus area of you for that particular Dasha.


Dasha Sequence: Aries 1982-1987, Taurus ( 1987-1996), Gemini ( 1996-2005),Cancer (2005-2016)

Note the position of AK-Saturn from the Dasha periods. AK significator for 1st House-Self, Identity, Soul,Body etc.

In Aries Dasha, AK was placed in 6th house. The focus area for the soul was to maintain health as the native fell ill number of times. Also, change of residence and loss of sibling ( that was a birth chart promise which manifested in this Dasha). AK being in dual sign aspecting 3rd,9th and 12th which clears the picture.

In Taurus Dasha, AK was placed in 5th house. The focus area for the soul was education and recreation. Did well in studies and sports.Also, birth of second sibling. AK aspecting 8th,11th & 2nd house.

In Gemini Dasha, AK was placed in the 4th House. The focus area for the soul was home environment, education, mother. AK aspecting 1st,7th & 10th. Few non-life threatening accidents. Father had a almost fatal accident.

In Cancer Dasha, AK was placed in the 3rd house. The focus area for the soul have been struggle & overcoming hurdles, traveling & change of residence,Higher education including foreign, debts-student loan,career progress & changes. AK aspecting 6th, 9th,12th.

Like this we can judge for every Dasha the main focus area for soul. Obviously, other Char Karaka’s play their parts but in hindsight, when you will look back, these will be the focus area for the soul.

The write-ups to follow will be on How to judge about Education, Marriage, Children, Career, Problem-Health & Accident etc.

God Bless. Hope you had a great learning.

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5 replies

  1. Dear Sir, pls share more techniques of char dasha.


  2. How karakamsha lagna plays its part in Jamini


    • Hi Dev,

      Karakamsha Lagna can be used like you use your birth lagna for predictions. Understanding Karakamsha Lagna is important. It is the Navamsha rashi occupied by Aatma Karaka(AK) in Birth chart. Like you use Arudha Lagna, Pada Lagna, Moon Lagna to predict. We should confirm our judgement for any prediction through Karakamsha lagna as well.


  3. Yuvraj Singh’s articles are always good.Even this is not an exception.Lovely article..Expect more such articles from you..especially on CHARA DASHA


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