Chara Dasha- Part 2

Chara Dasha- Part 2

Alternative Lagna’s, Arudha System and Raj Yoga Combinations


With Obeisance to Lord Ganapathi and Navgraha Lords, I dedicate this article at the holy feet of Sage Jaimini, the founder of Jaimini astrology. May he accept and bless this article.

This article is in continuation from where we left in Chara Dasha- Part 1.

Alternative Lagna’s Used in Chara Dasha

Karakamsha: In the Birth chart, the rashi occupied by Atma Karaka (AK) in Navamsha becomes the Karakamsha Lagna which is really important for judging the chart and the predictions. All the events should also be verified by using the Karakamsha as Lagna specially education and career. We should also use Swamsha, which is the rashi containing the Atma Karaka (AK) in Navamsha and confirm the findings from birth chart, Karakamsha.

Arudha Lagna: Arudha means Maya (Illusion/Image). It is also known as Pad Lagna. So Arudha Lagna means Maya associated with the Lagna i.e. self. In other words, through Arudha Lagna, we can judge how others view us or think about us. We calculate Arudha Lagna in the following way:

  1. See how far from the Lagna, the Lagna lord has gone, counting the number of houses between the Lagna and the Lagna lord.
  2. From Lagna lord count as many houses and you reach the Arudha Lagna.

Eg: Suppose, for Aries Lagna, the Lagna lord Mars sits in Virgo (the sixth house). Now count six houses from Mars i.e. Aquarius which becomes the Arudha Lagna.



We can and should do it for each house and mark the pada’s of all the houses on the chart which will help us in predictions. Some authorities ask us to use exceptions rules for judging the pada of houses but let us go by the teachings of Shri K.N. Rao by not using any exception and calculate the pada’s of each house the same way we calculated for Lagna.

Let’s understand how Arudha works. Suppose, we see a guy with a flashy Mercedes Car and feel how lucky that guy is. What if that Guy doesn’t feel the same and want even bigger car. Now the probability is that in the chart of that guy, the Arudha of 4th house may contain a benefic or number of benefics like Venus and/or Jupiter which is giving us the illusion of the guy being so lucky and must be very happy with his big expensive car but the 4th house deposits some malefics like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu etc. which don’t allow that guy to be satisfied with what he has and want even bigger car. That’s how Arudha works.

Upapada Lagna: It’s the Arudha/Pada of 12th House. It’s very important for judgment of marriage timings and also marriage success or failure.

Yoga’s in Jaimini System

We don’t follow the regular Yoga’s of Parashari system in Jaimini. It has its own set of Raj Yoga’s which are any number of combinations, through conjunctions and Rashi aspects, between AK, AmK, PK, DK and 5th Lord.

Some special yoga’s are as follows:

  1. Moon and Venus conjunct or aspecting each other.
  2. Moon aspected by many planets.

We also have to see all the Raj Yoga’s in Navamsha (D-9). See if they decreasing in number or increasing. The effect will be accordingly. Also, see if the karaka’s have aspects from benefics or afflicted, both in Rashi chart and Navamsha and judge judiciously.

Let’s take an example chart to illustrate all the concepts we have learned above:



Chara Karaka’s (Descending Order of Degree)

AK: Saturn                BK: Mars                 PK: Sun           DK: Moon

AmK: Jupiter             MK: Mercury           GK: Venus

Jaimini Raj Yoga’s

  1. Saturn (AK) & Jupiter (AmK)
  2. Moon (DK) & Jupiter (AmK)
  3. Sun ( PK) & Venus (5th Lord)

Karakamsha Lagan: In Navamsha (D-9), AK is placed in Pisces. Hence, the Karakamsha Lagan becomes Pisces of Birth Chart (D-1).


Arudha Pada’s

 Arudha Lagan: The Lagan Lord – Mercury, is placed in the 9th House. So we count 9 houses from 9th house and reach 5th House (Libra). This becomes our Arudha Lagan (AL).

Similarly, we calculate Arudha Pada for remaining houses.

House Lord Placement from House Arudha Pada(House)
1 9 5th
2 1 2nd
3 8 5th
4 6 2nd
5 6 3rd
6 5 2nd
7 6 5th
8 10 2nd
9 9 1st
10 3 2nd
11 12 9th
12 11 8th


 The next part will show us how to use what we have learned, in the first two parts, for finer predictions.

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